Training Notes:
We will be at the Reisterstown property on Thursdays now throughout the training season.
Please come join us at this great venue!

          Max catching big air on water entry!
               Max is owned by Steve Leith
Congrats to Dakota ...
for passing 2 of her very first Hunt Tests, 
back to back!
She is owned by Michelle Rose
Congrats Greg Vallendingham and his dog Calvin ...
They are very proud at his first Junior Hunt Test pass!
Great Start to the 2017
Field Trial Season ...
as Angel takes third place in a 32 dog Qualifying stake at the Blue Ridge Retriever Club trial in Emporia, VA April 14th!

Earning the QA2 Title
Tommy aka Hillcrest Tomahawk QA2 had a fantastic trial season this Spring. After earning a 3rd place in Qualifying stake at LIRTC he went on to win it at Swamp Dog trial and then got 2nd place the very next weekend at BBKI RC trial in VA, earning the QA2 title. Very proud of this young dog and all that he accomplished.
Got the Jam
Drake got a jam in his first ever Derby at Fort Pitt RC trial in June. Drake is owned by Mike Cox.